The author was hit by a squall out of the blue while kayaking on Cardigan Bay. This was the inspiration for his new novel, published 3 November, excerpted in the current issue, New Welsh Reader 112 (autumn - 1 September - 2016). A longer extract appears in the New Yorker from 10 October under the title 'The Edge of the Shoal'


New Welsh Writing Awards 2017 opens for entries with two new categories

The New Welsh Writing Awards 2017, run by New Welsh Review in association with Aberystwyth University and AmeriCymru, opens for entries on 26 September with two new categories,

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 (c) Mandy Sutter
(c) Mandy Sutter


Bush Meat: As My Mother Told Me

Winner of the New Welsh Writing Awards 2016: University of South Wales Prize for Travel Writing, this travel memoir explores the time the writer’s family spent in Nigeria in the mid 60s. Written in lemon juice as zesty as a latter-day Martha Gelhorn, this act of ventriloquism gives voice to the author’s mother’s expat life in Nigeria and her own child’s-eye take on its complications. With striking images including a Barbary duck with a ‘melted face’, and an economy of style of the stiff-upper-lip variety, this travel memoir presents a world where animal, child, bushman, black servant and white employer know his or her place and may seethe in it, or attempt to wriggle around it.



The Weir

Jack Pugh experiences an October haunting on seeing The Weir, a joint production between Sherman Theatre and Tobacco Factory Theatres.


in solution

Jack Pugh looks at David Barnes' latest exhibition, a photographic journey through industrial decline and fraternal organisations


Quentin Blake: Inside Stories

Jack Pugh admires a fascinating and insightful exhibition of Quentin Blake's illustration.

NEW Autumn Multimedia

Travel prose: talks & readings by Hannah Garrard, Julie Owen Moylan & Karen Phillips, highly commended authors in the New Welsh Writing Awards 2016, University of South Wales Prize for Travel Writing.


Roald Dahl: Wales of the Unexpected

Roald Dahl spent the first nine years of his life in Llandaf, Cardiff. Despite this, Wales has been slow to identify the ‘Welsh Dahl’. This book rectifies that with a sparkling variety of inventive and productive approaches to the great author in his centenary year, including psychogeographical and psychoanalytical, writes Liz Jones more...



At the Inquiry

Tony Blair, progenitor of New Labour, saviour of the third way, hero of the largest Labour majority ever, winner of ‘the historic third term’, ‘a pretty straight guy’, begetter of wars, payer of ‘the blood price’, holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor, ex-Prime Minister. The arch-populist media manipulator was to be subjected to unscripted and televised questioning about the most divisive policy of his leadership, and there was a chance, a very small chance, he might say something we could learn from. more...


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