Ideology and Story in Life-Writing

It’s a strange coincidence that I should be publishing, in quick succession, a biography and a memoir, which both deal in contradictory ways with ideology.

In autobiography, in order to shape the sprawl of your experience, you need to gain some capacity to see your life from outside, as a story, if, nevertheless, one based on facts. A year ago I managed at last to finalise Losing Israel, a memoir about my changing relationship with my mother’s country. I’d shovelled everything into my account, unwilling, like the amateur historian, to omit any fact that might be important. Then I’d tried for several years to find the right form for it. By the time I understood what the story was, I’d cut out 50,000 words.



Philip Eglin, Slipping the Trail & Responding to the Buckley Pottery in the Aberystwyth Collection

Ellen Bell devours a feast of work produced in response to non-hierarchical domestic-ware, where food, recipes and appetite are as important as vessels


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Claire Pickard is impressed by the collaborative nature of this impressive exhibition chronicling the symbolic journey of the Welsh processional tradition of y Fari Lwyd in the artist’s father and himself


Tiffany Atkinson’s So Many Moving Parts

Amy McCauley profiles this year’s Wales Book of the Year poetry category winner (Roland Mathias Prize), Tiffany Atkinson, and looks at her award-winning collection, which is a plea, among other things, that embarrassment should be tolerated, in poetry a

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