(c) Sue Flood
(c) Sue Flood


Honey Poo Poo and the Sad Songs of the Homesick

Depending on how you came across her, Judith Owen could strike you as several different people. Her range of work throughout her career is like a hall of mirrors, each genre reflecting a slightly differently shaped person. Once you spend any time in the Judith Owen hall of mirrors, you soon realise that the singing-songwriting persona appears to be the most accurate image of her, and the clearest distillation of her talent...



Not the Only Gay on the Picket Line

Rhian E Jones went to see Pride, and enjoyed this feel-good movie, set in the Dulais Valley and marking thirty years since the start of the 1984 miners’ strike


American Interior in Welsh

Naomi Garnault enjoys the Welsh-language television dimension, broadcast last Sunday, of a creative, frontier-breaking multimedia arts project by Super Furries' front-man Gruff Rhys


Pilgrims in Crow Country

New Welsh Writing Award co-judge Gwen Davies shares her summer nature writing reading list

NEW Multimedia Content

Ben Richmond talks to Heini Gruffudd about his most recent book, a family memoir, A Haven for Hitler. Exclusively for subscribers, Ben's interview for New Welsh Review with Wiliam Owen Roberts is available log in here to access. He also speaks to Diarmait Mac Giolla Chriost, the author of Welsh Writing, Political Action & Incarceration, about Welsh-language prison literature. Plus: check out our late summer podcast plus editor Gwen Davies presents the highlights from the autumn issue highlights here.


When the Roads Meet

Cardiff-born Dan Llewelyn Hall was the youngest artist to be commissioned to paint the Queen – a painting as controversial as his later depiction of Prince William. He won the Sunday Times Young Artist of the Year and was twice shortlisted as Welsh Artist of the Year. Ellen Bell, reviewing his exhibition catalogue, finds a deftly produced series of works that reflects a bountiful history of great painting but fails to communicate an authentic, genuinely felt, vision. more...



At the Inquiry

Tony Blair, progenitor of New Labour, saviour of the third way, hero of the largest Labour majority ever, winner of ‘the historic third term’, ‘a pretty straight guy’, begetter of wars, payer of ‘the blood price’, holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor, ex-Prime Minister. The arch-populist media manipulator was to be subjected to unscripted and televised questioning about the most divisive policy of his leadership, and there was a chance, a very small chance, he might say something we could learn from. more...

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