Issue 11,

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New Welsh Review 11, Winter 1990


There is no editorial in this issue (Belinda Humfrey)


Waldo Williams's Three English Poets and England by Tony Conran
Tony Conran provides a detailed analysis of Waldo William's poem about Hardy, Keats and Cowper and discusses why English poetry has had a relatively small impact on Welsh poetry.
Poet of the Exiled King: Waldo Williams (1904-1971) by James Nicholas
The author explores the poet's life, particularly his opposition to the enslavement of man by the state.
R S Thomas: 'The Poem's Harsher Conditions' by Walford Davies
Walford Davies supports R S Thomas's argument that poetry cannot be broken down into mere form and content, analysing Thomas's poetry to demonstrate this fact.
'Not a Trysorfa Fach': Keidrych Rhys and the Launching of Wales. by John Harris
John Harris explores the recently acquired Keidrych Rhys collection at the National Library: over 130 unpublished letters from correspondents including Dylan Thomas and Rhys and Idris Davies, focussing on the 30s Anglo-Welsh literary magazine Wales, of which Keidrych Rhys was editor.
Outside the Gates of the World: Edward Thomas, A Poet for Today by R George Thomas
The author's Gwyn Jones Lecture delivered at the Cardiff Festival of Literature in October 1990.
Caradoc Evans's 'A Father in Sion' and Contemporary Critical Theory by Simon Baker
The author attempts to evaluate what the different theories on Cardoc's My People can tell us about this work of literary art, and to combine these into a useful format for reading and criticising literature.
Mr Evans, Mr Rushdie and the White Settlers by Nicholas Murray
Nicholas Murray draws comparisons between three books that caused controversy on publication - Salmon Rushdie's recent The Satanic Verses, Cardoc Evan's My People and Ulysees.
Dreams of Potosi by Don Dale-Jones
Don Dale-Jones explores an obscure poem by Mr Tho. Yalden, one of the earliest to be written about mining in English.
A Woman of More Than Ordinary Talents: Anna Williams (1706-1783) by Geoff Nicolle
The author discusses the poetry of Anna Williams, close friend to Samuel Johnson, and concludes that her writing and personal qualities made her 'a woman of more than ordinary talents'.


In the Course of Things by Axel Thormahlen
A Disturbance by Clare Spencer


Poems by :
Leslie Norris
Ian Caws
D J Lightfoot
Brian W Smith
Selwyn Pritchard
Gerard Benson
Richard Vance
Pauline Stainer
Jean Earle
Stephen Wilson
Robert Cole
Richard Poole
Ian Gregson
Robert Morgan
Phil McKelliget
Simon Curtis
Angela Morton
Thomas Kretz
Graham Mort
David Brancher
Phil Parker
Mercer Simpson


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A Dictionary of Literary Quotations by Ed by Meic Stephens
Published by Routledge
ISBN pb 193pp £14.95
Reviewed by Peter Miles
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Poetry Wales 25 Years by Ed by Cary Archard
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 257pp £6.99
Reviewed by John Stuart Williams
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Remembrance of Crimes Past by Dannie Abse
Published by Hutchinson
ISBN pb 56pp £6.99
Reviewed by Mercer Simpson
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A Welsh Childhood by Alice Thomas Ellis
Published by Michael Joseph
ISBN pb 186pp £15.99
Reviewed by Mary Davies
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Downmarket by Robert Nisbet
Published by Alun Books
ISBN pb 72pp £2.95
Reviewed by John Stuart Williams
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Dirty Faxes by Andrew Davies
Published by Methuen
ISBN pb 243pp £13.99
Reviewed by Tony Brown
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Axel: A Novel by Bo Carpelan
Published by Carcanet
ISBN £14.95
Reviewed by W Glyn Jones
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Kingdom Come by Bernice Rubens
Published by Hamish Hamilton
ISBN pb 312pp £13.99
Reviewed by Elaine Morgan
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Definitions of a Horse by Jaci Stephen
Published by Hutchinson
ISBN pb 163pp £12.99
Reviewed by Jon Gower
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Dickens by Peter Ackroyd
Published by Sinclair-Stevenson
ISBN 1195pp £19.95
Reviewed by James A Davies
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Sir Huge: The Life of Huw Wheldon by Paul Ferris
Published by Michael Joseph
ISBN pb 306pp £18.99
Reviewed by Tom Davies
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Dylan Thomas by Walford Davies
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 68pp £4.95
Reviewed by Sandra Anstey
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Essays on Politics and Literature by Bernard Crick
Published by University of Edinburgh Press
ISBN £12.95
Reviewed by Graham Good
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Make by Peter Finch
Published by Galloping Dog Press
ISBN pb 64pp £5.95
Reviewed by Glyn Pursglove
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The Cheng Man Ch'ing Variations by Peter Finch
Published by Writer's Forum
ISBN pb 40pp £2.00
Reviewed by Glyn Pursglove
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