Issue 13,

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New Welsh Review 13, Summer 1991


Editorial (Micheal Parnell)
A new editor doesn't have to cast about very far for something to say; his first two duties are plainly to look briefly backwards and then to 'set out his stall' (does the phrase ring a bell?). First, the Editor is dead; long live the Editor! So be it, but of course the lady is not dead, only retiring from this chair in order to concentrate on her own writing and on the exceptionally demanding task of being head of the English department at Lampeter; Belinda Humfrey remains a member of the Editorial Board, and the New Welsh Review, of which she is the founding mother and virtually sole creator, will continue to benefit from her advice and help. In the three years since she gathered about herself a team of supporters from the Welsh Academy and the University's Association for the Study of Welsh Writing in English to persuade the Welsh Arts Council to fund the new journal, her achievement has been great, and I think all those in Wales and outside it who have had anything to do with NWR will wish me to record our gratitude to her for her dedication and success in a very difficult, time-consuming and not always sufficiently appreciated job.


An Exchange of Love Poems by Freda Ackroyd
The author tells of her deep love for poet Alun Lewis and explores the development of their relationship through the exchange of love poems.
Alun Lewis: The Manchester Stories by K Devine
The author takes a look at Alun Lewis's prose and poetry contributions to The Serpent, his student magazine in Manchester, and finds that the important concerns of his later work were already present in his thinking.
The Relentlessness of Emyr Humphreys by M Wynn Thomas
The author reviews Bonds of Attachment, Humphrey's seventh and concluding novel in an epic series spanning twenty years, exploring the influence of the myths of King Arthur and the Mabinogion on his work.
Talking Not Singing by Dannie Abse
Dannie Abse reviews The Bright Field edited by Meic Stephens, reflecting on the Welshness of a poetry anthology of work by twenty six Welsh poets writing in English.
Railway King & Coal Tycoon by Richard Jones
Richard Jones in discussion with Herbert Williams, author of Davies the Ocean, a biography of Welsh philanthropist David Davies.


None Else of Name by Ian Skidmore
Quiet Keith by Roger Granelli
Husbands and Children by Joan Barron


Poems by :
Joan Downar
John Stuart Williams
Gillian Clarke
Sue Moules
Mike Jenkins
Herbert Williams
Peter Gruffydd
Huw Watkins
John Beynon
Raymond Garlick
David Powell
Barry Simner
Andrew Gibbons
Lloyd M Rees
Rosemary Evans
Dafydd Wyn
Robert Morgan
D A Evans
David Wilson
John Mason
Simon Curtis
Ian Parkes
Damian Velarde
G S Sharat Chandre
Penny Windsor
Gene Groves
Stan Thomas


The majority of books reviewed in New Welsh Review can
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bookshop. All details were correct at the time of publication.
Alun Lewis: Letters to My Wife by Ed by Gweno Lewis
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 425pp £14.95
Reviewed by John Pikoulis
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A Dylan 13Companion by John Ackerman
Published by Macmillan
ISBN £35.00
Reviewed by James A Davies
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Dylan Thomas: Craft or Sullen Art by Ed by Alan Bold
Published by Vision Press
ISBN pb 181pp £20.95
Reviewed by James A Davies
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Fragments of a Life by Moelwyn Merchant
Published by Gomer
ISBN pb 367pp £15.95
Reviewed by Sandra Anstey
Buy at

Pestilence by William Owen Roberts
Published by Hamish Hamilton
ISBN pb 263pp £13.99
Reviewed by M Wynn Thomas
Buy at

Diminished Responsibility by Geoffrey Toye
Published by Langdon Publishing
ISBN pb 324pp £4.95
Reviewed by Lesley Grant-Adamson
Buy at

The Golden Road by Marion Eames
Published by Gomer
ISBN pb 233pp £9.95
Reviewed by Michael Parnell
Buy at

Corner People by Harri Pritchard Jones
Published by Gwasg Gomer
ISBN pb 97pp £6.25
Reviewed by Judith Maro
Buy at

The December Letters by Dafydd Wyn
Published by Adelphi Press
ISBN pb 171pp £4.95
Reviewed by David Brian Woosnam
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A Tree Grew in Caerau by Rachael Ann Webb
Published by Alun Books
ISBN pb 230pp £9.95
Reviewed by Mary Davies
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George Ewart Evans by Gareth Williams
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 93pp £3.50
Reviewed by Herbert Williams
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Wales in Vision: The People and Politics of Television by Ed by Patrick Hannan
Published by Gomer
ISBN pb 164pp £8.75
Reviewed by Jon Gower
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Mother Tongue: The English Language by Bill Bryson
Published by Hamish Hamilton
Reviewed by John Beynon
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"Watching the Perseids"/"Sel by Peter Scuphan
Published by Oxford University Press
ISBN pb 63pp £5.99
Reviewed by Avril Pontin
Buy at

Snaring Heaven by Christopher Meredith
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 80pp £4.99
Reviewed by Wayne Burrows
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The Black Goddess by Norman Schwenk
Published by The Chiron Press
Reviewed by Wayne Burrows
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Strange Days by Jay Ramsay
Published by Taxus
ISBN £3.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Daylight Robbery by Robert Sheppard
Published by Stride
ISBN £4.50
Reviewed by Peter Finch
Buy at

Flesh or Money by Wes Magee
Published by Littlewood
ISBN £5.00
Reviewed by Peter Finch
Buy at

Paper Birds by Alison Chisholm
Published by Stride
ISBN £4.50
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Berlin Proposal by Thomas Land
Published by Envoi
ISBN £3.00
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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The View from Row G by Dannie Abse
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 203pp £6.95
Reviewed by Roger Owen
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Gwyn Thomas: Three Plays by Ed by Michael Parnell
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 236pp £5.95
Reviewed by Elwyn Evans
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Joanna by Lisa St Aubin de Teran
Published by Virago
ISBN pb 260pp £12.95
Reviewed by Simon Rees
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A Bundle of Papyrus by Moelwyn Merchant
Published by Gomer
ISBN pb 124pp £6.95
Reviewed by Andrew Thomas
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Jasmine by Bharati Mukherjee
Published by Virago
ISBN 241pp £12.19
Reviewed by Merryn Williams
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The Middleman and Other Stories by Bharati Mukherjee
Published by Virago
ISBN 197pp £4.99
Reviewed by Merryn Williams
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