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New Welsh Review 27, Winter 1994


History and myth in the making (Robin Reeves)
In its previous issue, the New Welsh Review caused upset in some quarters by carrying an extended, highly critical review of the Welsh historian Professor Dai Smith's recent book, Aneurin Bevan and the World of South Wales. A flavour of some of the reactions can be gained from the responses of Professor Kenneth 0. Morgan, Peter Stead and Chris Williams in the current issue. (see pp. 8-11)


south wales v South Wales by Kenneth O Morgan, Peter Stead and Chris Williams
The trio of Welsh historians reply to D Hywel Davies's attack on fellow Welsh historian Dai Smith (see NWR 26) in which he accused the latter of virtually excluding the traditional Welsh-speaking, working-class communities of the Valleys in his book Aneurin Bevan and the World of South Wales.
Empty intensifiers: Kelman wins 'The Booker' (at last) by Ian A Bell
The author defends Scotland's leading novelist, James Kelman, from vilification by England's right-wing metropolitans.
An exhausted tradition by Ian Gregson
The author argues that the lack of a Welsh presence among those promoted by the Poetry Society earlier this year as the "New Generation" poets is because Welsh poetry in English is burdened with an exhausted tradition.
Luminous or Forlorn? by John Pikoulis and Sian James
John Pikoulis and Sian James differ in their opinions of the first-ever anthology of short stories in English by Welsh women writers, Luminous and Forlorn: Contemporary Short Stories by women from Wales published by Honno.
A national seduction: Wales in nineteenth-century women's writing by Jane Aaron
Jane Aaron's Rhys Davies lecture looks at Wales in 19th century women's writing and finds the relationship with England during the late eighteenth and nineteenth century is presented as not so much a matter of the 'rape of a fair country' as its seduction.
John Cowper Powys: Welshman? by Robin Wood
Robin Wood explores John Cowper Powys's lifelong fascination with Wales and the positive influence his move to Wales had on his creative output.
Wanted: a new Welsh mythology by Hazel Walford Davies
The author interviews playwright Edward Thomas, artistic director of Y Cwmni. They discuss his latest play, A Song from a Forgotten City, why the Welsh-speaker chooses to write in English and his desire to see 'a Wales at ease with itself'.
Speaking to the nation? by Gilly Adams
Artistic Director of Made in Wales Stage Company, Gilly Adams, explains the background to an extended season of new plays at The Point in Cardiff.
The script's not the thing by Mike Pearson
After 24 years in theatre, Mike Pearson argues the reverence attached to play-scripts needs to be abandoned and replaced by an interdisciplinary approach for recording the magic of individual performance.
The Qur'an in Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses. by Kate Bosse-Griffiths
The author examines the cause of the outrage evoked by Salman Rushdie's novel - a matter which has been very seldom discussed.
On the Border and over the brink by Jon Gower
Broadcasting Notes.


Scenes from a Genteel Life by Richard Jones
All forehead and sting by Karen Mason
Will Bevan's last ride by Ann Thompson
Hands Like Gods by Barry Norris


Poems by :
Christopher Mills
John Freeman
Neal Mason
Margaret Braddock
Annemarie Austin
Christine Evans
Helen Kitson
Sam Smith
Paul Henry
Sara Sugarman
Richard Leigh
Patricia Ace
Michael Daugherty
Sue Moules
Steve Griffin
Nigel Jarrett
Fred Johnson
Stuart Nolan
Ann Vaughan-Williams
Priscilla Frake
Douglas Phillips
Bob Cooper
Chris A Whitaker
Selwyn Pritchard
Gillian Carpenter


The majority of books reviewed in New Welsh Review can
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Arwr Glew Erwau'r Glo: Delwedd y Glowr yn Llenyddiaeth y Gymraeg 1850-1950 by Hywel Teifi Edwards
Published by Gomer
ISBN pb 255pp £12.95
Reviewed by Dafydd Johnston
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On the Evening Road by Dannie Abse
Published by Hutchinson
ISBN pb 56pp £6.99
Reviewed by James A Davies
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Intermittent Journals by Dannie Abse
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 255pp £6.95
Reviewed by James A Davies
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Journeying by Sam Adams
Published by Headland
ISBN pb 30pp £4.25
Reviewed by Don Dale-Jones
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Here and There: Poems 1984-1993 by Joseph P Clancy
Published by Headland
ISBN pb 118pp £11.95
Reviewed by Don Dale-Jones
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Graffiti Narratives by Mike Jenkins
Published by Planet
ISBN pb 70pp £4.95
Reviewed by Richard John Evans
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Saunders Lewis: Letters to Margaret Glichriest by Ed. by Mair Saunders Jones, Ned Thomas & Harri Pritchard Jones
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 664pp £30.00
Reviewed by Sally Roberts Jones
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Forked Tongue by WN Herbert
Published by Bloodaxe
ISBN £7.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Paradise by Elena Shvarts
Published by Bloodaxe
ISBN £8.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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City of Dog by George Charlton
Published by Bloodaxe
ISBN £6.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Outposts by David Chorlton
Published by Taxus
ISBN £5.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Selected Poems by Raymond Tong
Published by Hale
ISBN £10.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Kicking Back by Magi Gibson
Published by Taranis Poetry
ISBN £5.99
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Under Surveillance 1 by
Published by
ISBN £2.00
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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The Genius of Haiku: Readings from RH Blyth by
Published by British Haiku Society
ISBN £6.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Here for a month: An Ulster Journey by Patrick Dobbs
Published by Goldleaf Publishing
ISBN pb 99pp £6.00
Reviewed by John Osmond
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The Rise of Regional Europe by Christopher Harvie
Published by Routledge
ISBN pb 92pp £6.99
Reviewed by Phil Cooke
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Cancer Curers - or Quacks by T Llew Jones & Dafydd Wyn Jones
Published by Gomer Press
ISBN £4.50
Reviewed by Janet Dube
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Stone by Andy Goldsworthy
Published by Viking Press
ISBN 120pp £35.00
Reviewed by Katherine Carter
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Banking on Murder by David Williams
Published by Collins Crime Club
ISBN £13.99
Reviewed by Jean Henderson
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Offence against the person by Stephen Murray
Published by Collins Crime Club
ISBN £13.99
Reviewed by Jean Henderson
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Quilts by Christine Stevens
Published by Gomer
ISBN pb 51pp £3.95
Reviewed by Edwina Williams-Jones
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Land of My Father by Ronnie Knox Mawer
Published by Bridge Books
ISBN pb 143pp £4.95
Reviewed by Dewi Roberts
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Wherever Freights May Offer: the Maritime Community of Abermaw/Barmouth 1565 to 1920 by Lewis Lloyd
Published by Gwasg Pantycelyn
ISBN pb 384pp £12.00
Reviewed by Tim Jones
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Galar y Beirdd, Marwnadau Plant/Poets' Grief, Medieval Welsh Elegies for Children by Dafydd Johnston
Published by Tafol
ISBN pb 131pp £10.50
Reviewed by Sion Brynach
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Male Heterosexual Honkies by Ed by John Jones & Ric Hool Wysiwyg
Published by Chapbooks
ISBN pb 35pp £3.00
Reviewed by Labi Siffre
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Logical clues and definitely no cheating - Lesley Grant-Adamson

Gerard Manley Hopkins - Dewi Roberts

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