Issue 32,

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New Welsh Review 32, Spring 1996


The house we live in (Robin Reeves)


Wales 2006: The Culture by Nigel Jenkins
Nigel Jenkins undertakes a critical examination of BBC Wales's February TV series on what is in store for the Welsh nation over the next 10 years.
Carcassians, Clancyisms and Fans of Elizabeth Taylor (Woof! Woof!) by John Pikoulis
A review of a Modern Poetry in Translation, an anthology of Welsh poetry in translation.
A special relationship by Tony Conran
The author explores the connection between Wales and America.
Fear and faith by Lewis Davies
The author's thoughts on modern day travel.
Through Welsh-tinted glasses by Joseph P Clancy
American poet, Joseph P Clancy, explores the influence of Welsh poetry on his own work.
Going Native by Charlotte Aull Davies
American anthropologist Charlotte Aull Davies arrived in Wales 20 years ago to study the country's 'exotic' culture and now represents Welshness within her department at the University of Wales.
Back to Source by William Greenway
American Poet William Greenaway on how faraway Wales has influenced his life.
Looking both ways by Jon Dressel
The author is in discussion with his Welsh grandfather, Benjamin Benoni Jones, who emigrated to America at the end of the last century.
Treading in perilous places by Veronica Bennett
The author explores Elizabeth Gaskell's Welsh connection and how 'she developed a passionate interest in the language, customs, legends and music of Wales.'
When Wales entered the cinema age by Dave Berry
As film in Wales celebrates its centenary, Dave Berry reflects on its development.
A right royal affair by Jon Gower
Broadcasting notes
Michael Bogdanov's Irish route to a Welsh National Theatre by John Osmond
John Osmond talks to Michael Bogdanov about his ambition for theatre in Wales.
Fable-making in times of war by Caitlin O'Reilly
A review of some recent theatre productions, including Letter from Sarajevo at Cardiff's The Point and Mapa Mundi's production of Hamlet.
A Day in July by Glyn Jones
The original script of Glyn Jones's 1950s radio play set in his native Merthyr Tydfil.


Symbiosis by Alexandra Ward
Family Ties by Ron Berry
Going Out by Huw Davies
All Wet by Gwyneth Hughes
Piano Concerto by Tony Culver


Poems by :
Robert Minhinnick
Nicholas Murray
Ruth Bidgood
Don Rodgers
Anne Cluysenaar


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Under Milk Wood - Dylan Thomas by Ed. by Walford Davies & Ralph Maud
Published by Dent
ISBN 104pp £12.99
Reviewed by James A Davies
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Dylan Thomas:The Filmscripts by John Ackerman
Published by Dent
ISBN hb 414pp £30.00
Reviewed by James A Davies
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Collected Poems by Harri Webb
Published by Gomer
ISBN pb 20.00 £20.00
Reviewed by M Wynn Thomas
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The Location of Culture by Homi K Bhaba
Published by Routledge
ISBN pb 285pp £11.99
Reviewed by Ned Thomas
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The Living Stream: Literature and Revisionism in Ireland by Edna Longley
Published by Bloodaxe
ISBN pb 302pp £9.95
Reviewed by John Goodby
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After Silent Centuries by Rowan Williams
Published by The Perpetual Press
ISBN pb 52pp £6.95
Reviewed by Harri Pritchard Jones
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The Lyre and the Cross in the Poetry of Alun Idris Jones by Eva Schmid-Morwald
Published by University of Salzburg
ISBN pb 353pp £
Reviewed by Harri Pritchard Jones
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The Wooden Shepherdess by Richard Hughes
Published by The Harvill Press
ISBN pb 438pp £8.99
Reviewed by Desiree Hirst
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Tilting at Windmills: New Short Welsh Ficiton by
Published by Parthian Books
ISBN pb 143pp £4.99
Reviewed by Elin Ap Hywel
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Five Hundred Cobbings and the spp ell by Peter Finch
Published by Writers Forum
ISBN £2.50
Reviewed by Claire Powell
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Dancing in Circles by Julia Hawkes-Moore
Published by Honno
ISBN pb 216pp £6.95
Reviewed by Janet Dube
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A Week in Europe by Dylan Iowerth
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN £9.95
Reviewed by Clare Hudson
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Mercator Media Forum Vol. 1 by
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 119pp £10.00
Reviewed by Clare Hudson
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A Season in Spain by Andrew and Lesley Grant-Adamson
Published by Pavilion Books
ISBN pb 218pp £12.99
Reviewed by Dai Woosnam
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J R Jones by D Z Phillips
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 121pp £4.95
Reviewed by John Gillibrand
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'A Map of the Artist's Mind' by David Jones
Published by
ISBN Exhibition £
Reviewed by Anne Price-Owen
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Wales in Catalonia - Mike Pritchard

Drawing down the moon - Robert Minhinnick

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