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Essay Issue 118: On The Endurance of Art
Highly Commended Entry in the New Welsh Writing Awards 2018: Aberystwyth University Prize for an Essay Collection

Blog Issue 110: Scratch Night at Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Scratch night is a great example of creative and performing arts students doing what they do best: being creative, experimental and forward-thinking.

Blog Issue 111: Walking in Coleridge’s Footsteps: From Pandy to Hay Festival
Maverick opera singer Richard Parry led a public excursion from Pandy to Hay Literary Festival in May.

Blog Issue 110: Shadow of a Quiet Society at Aberystwyth Arts Centre
The premier of Shadow of a Quiet Society, a new dance theatre production by the Gwyn Emberton Dance Company, was performed at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on 20 January as part of a Welsh tour that recently ended.

Blog Issue 111: Folk, Tuplet & A Mighty Wind
"What would life be without rhythm?” asks a sassy American voice during a scene-change in Tuplet. It is a fitting epigraph for the whole evening’s performance: a presentation of three contemporary dance pieces performed back-to-back at the theatre of

Blog Issue 110: Words & Words & Words, December, Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Declaration of Interest: Katya Johnson is a blogger in residence for New Welsh Review, a contributor to the event, and also herself took part in its open mic slot

Blog Issue 109: Words & Words & Words at Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Last week (7 October), Aberystwyth Arts Centre hosted the first of a series of events entitled Words & Words & Words, comprising innovative spoken word and poetry and organised by Mary Jacob.

Blog Issue 109: ‘Wilde Without the Boy’, Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Everyone knows that Oscar Wilde was sent to prison in 1885 for having a homosexual relationship even if they haven’t read a single line of his plays.

Blog: In the Pipeline
A hectic and highly enjoyable few months, which have seen the editor take her first holiday in some years. But now the tan has faded and onwards we go into the autumn/winter...

Blog Issue 109: ‘“The Secret Workings of Nature”: Robert Hooke and Early Science’, National Library of Wales
This modest exhibition situated in a top-floor annexe of the National Library of Wales celebrates the 350th anniversary of the publication of Robert Hooke’s Micrographia.

Blog Issue 109: Clare Woods: A Tree A Rock A Cloud
Clare Woods’ touring exhibition ‘A Tree A Rock A Cloud’ has been making a number of scenic pit-stops around the country.

Blog: John Tripp Award for Spoken Poetry 2009
I was one of the judges for the 2009 John Tripp Award in Cardiff last week.

Review Issue 102: Small Scale Tour
Penny Simpson finds a corner-shop walk-on character steals the show in this keen observational comedy about artists fighting for the spotlight

Blog Issue 113: Hollow Log: The Coolest Man Who Ever Walked the Earth
The circular space within the performance studio was perfect for the down-home acoustic blues which amplified and resonated across the room. The blue curtain and low lights helped recreate the juke joints of the ’20s and ’30s – drinking was encourag

Review: Poets from Sardinia
Diarmuid Johnson concludes that 'compromise is a lesser sin than imperialism in this volume of translation of poetry from Sardinia from Cinnamon.

Blog Issue 107: This Last Tempest, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 17 February
This Last Tempest is a story formed in the silence that follows Shakespeare’s last play. Uninvited Guests and Fuel allow the audience to linger on the island, to see Ariel and Caliban both celebrate and struggle to adapt to Prospero’s absence.

Editorial Issue 118: Citizen Thinker Ed
Editorial of the 1 September 2018 issue of the New Welsh Reader.

Blog Issue 107: Mordant, TestBed exhibition, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown
‘You be careful,’ says a bystander to Eliza Dolittle in Bernard Shaw’s ‘Pygmalion’, ‘there’s a bloke here behind taking down every blessed word you’re saying.’


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